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The Ukrainian Museum of Canada  (of the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada) Alberta Branch is dedicated to the preservation of Ukrainian culture in Canada. When the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada was organized in 1926,  there was already a substantial collection of artifacts.   The main museum was established in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and the Alberta Branch was officially opened in 1944. In 2009 the museum celebrated its 65th Anniversary. It is the first Ukrainian Museum established in Edmonton.

To visit the museum, please see our Visitor Information page.

                     The collection includes:

  •       Fine Art
  •       Ukrainian regional & diasporic textiles
  •       Pysanky, wood carvings, ceramics & toys
  •       Religious Artifacts



          UMCAB Attains Recognized Museum Accreditation

Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch (UMCAB) is proud to announce that it is the latest institution in Alberta to receive the Recognized Museum designation from the Alberta Museums Association (AMA).

This designation demonstrates that UMCAB is committed to maintaining standards of professional practice and to ensuring that it plays a strong and important role within the community.

UMCAB voluntarily participated in the Recognized Museum Program offered by the AMA, which involved providing evidence to a panel of museum professionals that demonstrated how the institution meets the AMA’s definition of a Museum.

Visitors to UMCAB can now look for the easily recognizable Recognized Museum logo, which identifies the institutions in the province that offer a quality museum experience.