The Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch was established in 1944 by the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada. The Museum collects and preserves items of historical, cultural and artistic significance to advance knowledge about Ukrainian heritage in Canada. A unique lens to the past, the collection preserves the lived experiences of ancestors, connecting today’s descendants with the various waves of immigrants to Canada from Ukraine. The map below indicates the oldest settlements that resulted from the first wave of immigrants to Alberta.

One of the aims of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada, formed in 1926, was to preserve the embroidery, weaving and folk dress of early Ukrainian settlers.  Members of that organization began to collect artifacts, and to exhibit and display them, with the intent to develop appreciation, build public support and preserve this heritage. As a result, the first Ukrainian museum in Canada was established in Saskatoon in 1936.  Subsequently, other provincial museums were created, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch being the first in 1944.  It was the first Ukrainian museum officially formed in Alberta, and has since been awarded Recognized Museum Status, a prestigious designation by the Alberta Museums Association.  Operating over 77 years, it houses thousands of artifacts illustrating many aspects of the cultural heritage of Ukrainians in Canada. Consider a membership to assist in the preservation and maintenance of this valuable museum.

Board of Directors

Currently the board of directors consists of twelve members.

Dr. Elaine V. Harasymiw

First Vice-President
Donna Kowalishin

Second Vice-President
Dr. Sandy Sawchuk

Kathy Buchanan

Shirley Wozimirsky

Members At Large
Leona Bridges
Larysa Chomiak
Catherine Gordey
Iris Olinek
Nadia Opyr
Tatiana Martschenko

Pioneers Recognition

The following map illustrates the oldest and largest Ukrainian settlements in east-central Alberta. And oldest historical churches established by pioneers available via the link:


Thank you to all our sponsors, and in particular our major sponsors. These agencies and organizations consistently over the years have supported the work of the museum.


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