Herbal Motanka

Herbal Motanka with Rushnyk The first photo shows a herbal grass motanka created by Natalka Kuzmenko. It represents Marena from Kupalo. The two main characters… Read More

Religious Items

In the religious display, the red and white rushnyk is of eastern Polissian style. The golden icon is a Pochaivska Bohomaty or a Theotokos of… Read More

Zhytomyrska Polissia

The mannequin in the showcase to the left is wearing a dodilna sorochka (chemise) from the Polissian (northern) half of Zhytomyr oblast (north-central Ukraine). Read More

Zhytomyrsko-Polissia Women

Currently displayed in the museum are two mannequins depicting Zhytomyrsko-Polissia clothing. The woman wrapping the woven headdress (peremitka) is from the greater Borshchiv area.  There… Read More

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