The Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch (UMCAB), was established in 1944 through the initiative of the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada, is located at St. John's Cultural Centre, 10611-110 Avenue. Initially intended to acquire and preserve Ukrainian textiles such as embroidery, weaving, and folk dress, over the years the Museum collection has grown to house over 4000 artifacts. They include various examples of traditional handicrafts (ceramics, pysanky, wooden items, toys, and other art forms), fine art, religious items, and household items belonging to Ukrainian Canadian pioneers. The collection, dating from the 19th century to the present, depicts the regional diversity of Ukrainian people who emigrated to Canada and who brought with them those things important in their lives. The Museum prides itself on a collection that reflects the ethnographic diversity of Ukraine.

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UMC Alberta Branch Executive - 2019–2020

PositionHeld By
President Elaine Verchomin Harasymiw
1st Vice President Donna Kowalishin
2nd Vice President Sandy Sawchuk
Secretary Shirley Wozimirsky
Treasurer Kathy Buchanan
Membership Convenor Eileen Yewchuk
Gift Shop Convenor Donna Kowalishin
Acquisitions Convenor  Larysa Chomiak
Members At Large Kathy Buchanan
Larysa Chomiak
Cathie Gordey
Sylvia Gray
Iris Olinek
Marion Ostapchuk
Lorna Stefaniuk

Past Presidents of the UMC Alberta Branch

1945-1953 Emma Verchomin
1954-1957 Doris Yanda
1958 Kalyna Zaseybida
1959 Anna Melnyk
1960-1966 Olia Semchuk
1967-1972 Anastasia Seniw
1973-1975 Emma Verchomin
1976-1979 Anastasia Seniw
1980 Sofia Skrypnyk
1981-1982 Nadia Bodnar
1983-1986 Anastasia Seniw
1987 Mary Lazaruk
1988-1990 Nadia Bodnar
1991-1995 Chester Kuc
1996 Elaine Harasymiw
1997 Luba Yaremchuk
1998-2000 Oksana Ensslen
2001-2002 Nadia Hymanyk
2003-2004 Anastasia Seniw
2005-2008 Zonia Lazarowich
2009 Eugene Topolnisky
2010-2020 Elaine Harasymiw