The mannequin in the showcase to the left is wearing a dodilna sorochka (chemise) from the Polissian (northern) half of Zhytomyr oblast (north-central Ukraine). The chemise consists of homespun, home woven linen fabric embroidered in straight satin stitch (priama hlad) in the early 20th century. This mannequin’s skirt (litnyk or andarak), which is mostly covered by the home woven apron, was woven on a loom in the village of Nahoriany, Ovruch district, northern Zhytomyr oblast. The homespun, home woven linen kerchief is from early 20th century Sarny district in western Polissia, northern Rivne oblast (which is adjacent to Zhytomyr oblast). Zhytomyrsko-Polissia clothing, is known for its red stripes and geometry. The woman on the right wrapping the woven headdress (peremitka) is from the greater Borshchiv area. There are several legends explaining why women embroidered with predominantly black thread in this region – like a particularly costly battle that killed many of their husbands and sent them into mourning, or the black soil of the region. This region is known for using ultra sturdy hemp for weaving their blouses and chemises.